Why You Should Build B2B Prospect Lists Instead of Buying?

Why You Should Build B2B Prospect Lists Instead of Buying?

Most of the marketers who send emails want to do it cheaper and quicker. In order to save time and money, they often end up buying lists. But in reality, they are actually choosing the hard way wasting their time and most of their money on buying lists that don’t work.

Yes, buying contacts lists is that easy. But email marketing always requires choosing B2B prospect lists with relevant information and high levels of personalization.

Purchased lists do not provide either of these. Using a readily available list of leads is like sending just a write-up without any personalization. They are outdated by the time of purchase and hardly provide any enriched information.

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Here’s a little more about why you should not be buying B2B prospect lists:

  1. Low-quality leads
  2. Outdated or inaccurate information
  3. Increased spam score
  4. List vendors selling your leads to other competitors of yours

These leads that are purchased don’t always meet your lead qualifications. They will not be likely to buy your products/services.

The lists may contain outdated information or even titles that are no more working with the company. When you send out emails to such random people from your readily bought list, you will easily end up violating the rules and regulations of GDPR. This may spoil your brand’s reputation as well.

Fortunately, there are ways you can build high-quality leads, with current and accurate details, within your budget. With our experience of working with a lot of B2B companies, we can say that building a prospect list can yield a higher conversion rate, lower CPA, and a shorter sales process.

Benefits of building a B2B prospect list on your own:

1. Good email addresses

Building a B2B prospect list gives you a high-quality email list you can rely upon. The email addresses are responsive and qualified for marketing outreach. Unique leads to your business that no one else might be using.

2. You actually know the prospects on your list

Building a prospect list is a proper way to acquire email marketing contacts. The email addresses in your list were not taken from another site but earned legitimately.

3. Maintain email deliverability and IP reputation

The verified email list has valid email addresses. Maintain the sender score and save the IP reputation.

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